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The Psychology and Neuroscience of Manifesting

This online course takes a deep dive into the psychology and neuroscience of manifesting. It includes three two-hour lectures, Q & A sessions, worksheets, relevant resources and a variety of takeaway tools.

The Psychology and Neuroscience of Love, Loss and Abandonment

In this course, we delve deep into love, loss and abandonment.   We explore conditional to unconditional love, trust and self-esteem and the neuroscience of trauma. 

Master Your Self-Talk

This course will take you on a journey to a more positive mind. I will explain what Self-Talk is and why it happens to us, including the science of self-talk.  I will run through proven techniques to change your self-talk, forever

Creating Powerful Morning Routines 

Are you struggling with motivation, procrastination, lack of clarity, and low energy? If so, this course, which addresses all of these issues, is for you. 

Breaking Bad Habits 

This course will help you develop a deeper understanding of habits, recognise when it becomes a problem and how to change these habits.  

Unlocking the Secrets of Addiction Recovery 

This course will allow you to discover several core ingredients to addiction recovery and improve your relationships with loved ones struggling with addiction







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