Brian Pennie

Brian has never spoken about the details of his successful recovery from heroin addiction for one reason. He had no idea why he recovered and thrived, and why sadly many others do not.

In search of these answers, he turned to Dr. Yvonne Barnes-Holmes and Dr. Ciara McEnteggart, world leaders in understanding emotional and psychological pain.

Over the past year, Brian has worked closely with Yvonne and Ciara to combine their knowledge and experiences to unlock the secrets of addiction recovery.

After months of collaboration, they believe they have found the key.

Wednesday 9th & 16th December 2020

at 7pm – 10pm (including 1 hour Q&A)

* The course will be live over two weeks


Many people who struggle with addiction are completely unaware of what is driving their behaviour.

Even among those who find recovery, the lucky ones, many spend their lives in a battle against their former foe. Why?

Because they never find the source of their suffering – the emotional pain that pushed them towards a life of addiction. As such, they are never able to address their real issues and they are never truly free.

Over two 3-hour sessions*, this course will dive deep into the nature of addiction.

The course will provide takeaways for reflections, metaphors and psychological exercises that will help you to think constructively about addiction and recovery.

*If you cannot join live, don’t worry, sessions will be recorded and emailed to all participants registered.  

This course is a unique collaboration between an expert by experience with Brian Pennie, and psychologists, Dr. Yvonne Barnes-Holmes and Dr. Ciara McEnteggart.

Yvonne and Ciara are world leaders in developing an understanding of complex human psychology and how it results in psychological pain. 

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Since his recovery from addiction in 2013, Brian has become a final year PhD student; a lecturer in Trinity College and University College Dublin; a consultant to some of Ireland’s leading corporations; a keynote speaker; and a published author.

Brian lectures on the neuroscience of addiction and his PhD explores mindfulness as a treatment for addictive behaviours.

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Brian Pennie

On Completion of this course you will...

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The Path to Addiction

This first session will focus on the forces that drive addictive behaviour, such as pain, trauma, unfulfilled needs, and difficult family dynamics. To start, Brian will discuss key features of his journey towards addiction, including pain and anxiety that dominated his early childhood and primed him for a life of addiction.

Yvonne will then dissect these critical features from Brian’s life and highlight how, for Brian, addiction was the only thing that made sense and provided comfort as an adult. Yvonne will then show how Brian’s journey through addiction is far from unique and how these features of his early life propel others towards a similar path. We will then highlight how negative feelings come to dominate your life, making addiction a key way to escape those feelings. In sum, the first session will show how addiction becomes a way of denying how you truly feel.

Beyond Surviving & Recovery from Addiction

This second session will focus on the key ingredients of addiction recovery. These include an acceptance of reality, fulfilment of personal needs, and an openness to a new purpose. Again, Brian will discuss key features of his journey, including critical insights and learning experiences that helped him to believe that another way of living was possible. Yvonne will then dissect the critical points in Brian’s recovery and highlight how he used these experiences to not only turn away from addiction, but crucially, to turn towards a new way of being.

Again, Yvonne will show how Brian’s recovery and growth is not unique, and how understanding Brian’s story can help others who remain in the spiral of addiction. Session 2 will highlight that for recovery and growth, you need to: (1) find a new purpose that nurtures old needs; (2) acknowledge and respect who you are, and (3) be open to what you feel and experience, without defence or avoidance. In sum, this session will show that recovery and post-recovery growth are possible.

9th & 16th December 

Time:  7pm – 10pm (includes 1 hour Q&A)

Brian Pennie