Brian Pennie


I graduated with a degree in psychology from Maynooth University in 2017 winning several awards, including a fully funded PhD scholarship in Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. I am also a lecturer in Trinity College and University College Dublin where I teach modules on neuroscience, addiction, and mindfulness

My PhD research will objectively explore the impact of mindfulness-based interventions on adults who misuse substances. Specifically, I aim to identify the most significant predictors of successful abstinence and treatment response following mindfulness-based interventions.

My other research interests reside around the basic verbal processes (i.e. language and cognition) underpinning human suffering and positive mental health. I am specifically interested in how such processes (e.g. compulsive thinking) might be implicated in addiction and mindfulness, and how they may facilitate a greater appreciation of how to treat substance use disorders.

Published Research

Genetics, imaging, and cognition: big data approaches to addiction research
The impact of the Mediterranean diet on brain function
“Wanting more” as a proxy measure of materialism







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